In order to become a Master Parachute rigger, the Senior rigger must accrue three years of experience, complete a total of 200 reserve pack jobs, and is required to take an oral and practical test. 


The Federal Aviation Administration is a governmental body that regulates civil aviation. An FAA rigger is someone who has received training and subsequent certification to service, maintain, and repair parachutes and parachuting equipment. While the reserve parachute may only be packed by an FAA Certified Rigger, the main parachute of a dual parachute assembly can be packed by an FAA rigger, a non-certified person under the direct supervision of a rigger, or the person who intends to use the parachute on the next jump.

We have a full-service parachute rigging loft with several Senior and Master riggers to help take care of our jumper’s reserve parachute packing needs. On-site rigging is an amenity that just can’t be beat. Our customers can skydive confidently knowing a host of able-minded, certified FAA riggers call our rigging loft home. 


According to the Parachute Rigger Senior/Master Certification Guide issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, an individual who is certified as a Senior Parachute Rigger may pack and maintain the type of parachute for which s/he is rated.

The Master Parachute Rigger can pack, maintain, and/or alter the type of parachute s/he is rated for and may also supervise other individuals as they pack, maintain, or alter the type of parachute which s/he is rated for.

FAA Parachute Riggers are a staple at any dropzone. This is because each and every reserve parachute used in skydiving operations must be inspected and repacked every 180 days. This is known as a repack cycle.

Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)

Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) are the rules that govern aviation activities. The FARs outline the FAA requirements for skydivers, pilots and parachute riggers and are available for convenience in the Skydiver’s Information Manual, Section 9: FAA Documents (PDF).

Part 61—Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors and Ground Instructors
This section establishes the qualifications and requirements for certificates and ratings, along with the privileges and limitations.

Part 65—Certification: Airmen other than Flight Crewmembers
Parachute riggers receive certification through this regulation.

Part 91—General Operating and Flight Rules
Flight operations for skydiving operations are conducted under Part 91.

Part 105—Parachute Operations
This section prescribes the rules governing parachute operations.

Part 119—Certification: Air Carriers and Commercial Operators
This section covers requirements for certification and operation of commercial operators; Section 119.1(e)(6) exempts parachute operations when flown within 25 miles of the airport.

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