Ways of Emergency Parachutes Repair | Inspection Checklist

When a parachute is new, it is expected to function as designed. As time passes and it is used, again and again, it begins to undergo wear and tear, which results in malfunction. So it is necessary to maintain the parachute according to guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The rigger must identify any condition that might result in the parachute being dangerous.

What is an Emergency Parachute?

An emergency parachute is a second parachute that a parachutist or skydiver carries for the descent. It is also known as a reserve parachute. It is designed to be used by a person in case of a main parachute malfunction. It must be approved under an FAA “Technical standard order,” which prescribes specific basic design, manufacturing, and testing standards. The emergency parachutes must be in exercise and packed by FAA certified parachute rigger.

How Do You Inspect an Emergency Parachute?

As recommended by FAR 91.307 and 105.43,

  • The emergency parachute mustp08obe inspected and repacked every 180 days.
  • Rigging of emergency parachutes must be performed per a manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always carry out the repair and maintenance by a parachute manufacturer or organization authorized by the manufacturer.

Checklist for inspection of the parachute

  • Canopy check (inspection of fabric for cuts and tears)
  • Pilot chute (review of pilot chute for burns or scrapes and also checking of springs for damage)
  • Harness (Checking of harness for cuts, abrasions, or excessive wear)
  • Container (Inspection for the holes in the container)
  • Slider
  • Rapid links
  • Suspension lines
  • Line attachments
  • Ripcord housing
  • Ripcord assembly

Ways of Emergency Parachutes Repair

According to FAA, emergency parachute repair is of two types; major and minor repair!

Major repair

If not done correctly, it leads to cause disturbance in weight, strength, balance, and flight characteristics. It is not done according to accepted practices.

Minor repair

It is about the repair other than a major repair. It is allowed by the FAA.

Contamination conditions can be critical to repair. There are two types of contamination conditions which include acid contamination & saltwater contamination. There are some methods to remove contamination. These methods are the removal of water, removal of mildew, removal of oily substances, removal of stains, drying of the parachute, and cleaning of the parachute.

In Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, many organizations like Western Parachute Services focus on every type of repair and make every effort to ensure your emergency parachute works properly.

Final Words

Emergency parachutes are suitable to ensure the safety of skydivers, so they must be adequately maintained. In case of any damage, they need repair, which is to be done by authorized bodies. Many cracks can appear in an emergency parachute, affecting its performance. Many organizations in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, provide you with the facility of emergency parachute repair, like Western Parachutes Repair!