What is Parachute Repacking, and How to Do it?

Skydivers and parachutists use emergency parachutes for decent in emergencies. They need proper maintenance and inspection so that they can open timely in emergency cases. Repacking is also a part of the routine examination of parachutes. In this article, we provide you with information regarding parachute repacking and a brief methodology.

What is Parachute Repacking?

Parachute repacking is a process that provides an opportunity to closely examine the entire parachute system and inspection for general viability and wear and tear.

Why Does the Parachute Need to be Repacked?

It is essential to repack your parachute to make sure it works properly. FAA prescribes that a reserve parachute must be inspected and repacked every 180 days to ensure it fulfills all the safety guidelines.

Repacking a parachute also allows faster, smoother, and more time to open when needed. Parachute repacking is essential because small particles of sand/stone collect in the parachute, causing damage through abrasion, moisture, and wet grass. It can enter into a parachute and cause mildew and hamper opening time.

Also, fiber can be compressed, which impedes the parachute’s opening and prolongs the opening time. So the plastic loses its average quality, loops can tangle, and pins can also be damaged.

All materials undergo degradation as time passes, even when not in use. We highly recommend you visit repack stations for inspecting and repacking parachutes. Several organizations, such as Ifly Indoor Skydiving, Innovative parachute technologies, Skydive Phoenix Inc, etc., are available in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, that provide you the opportunity for inspection and repacking of a parachute.

How to Repack a Parachute? STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

Before repacking, you must carefully check each line from the canopy to the riser. Keep the parachute in the air for at least 12 hours. Check the fabric for any damage. Inspect the pod and parachute pocket. Inspect the elastic loop. Following is the procedure for parachute repacking,

  • Keep the parachute aligned with the lines running from the harness to the canopy
  • Provide tension to all the lines from the riser
  • Push the string with the buckle
  • Control both upper and lower lines
  • Overlap all the red panels to the right
  • Also, overlap the whiteboards to the left
  • Make sure to have an equal panel count on each side
  • Lift the upper line to keep folds tidied up along the length of the panel
  • Fold the fabric in S-shape
  • Place the pod at the top
  • Flip it upside down along the s-shaped packed parachute
  • Close three flaps of the container
  • Fold the lines
  • Close the fourth flap
  • Fold the coil

Do Skydivers Pack Parachutes on their own?

Yes, skydivers can pack parachutes on their own. Repacking the parachute is not much difficult, but it requires a systematic and precise folding procedure. If you are not feeling it easy to repack a parachute, many organizations in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, provide parachute repacking services. If you notice something unusual during parachute repacking, send it to a professional inspection and repack center.

Final Verdict

Parachute repacking is a part of a routine examination. It is not a very difficult process, you can do it independently, but it requires the proper method above.

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